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For businesses that have been in the trade show industry for years, each show can quickly become a blur. In many cases, each booth seems to replicate the same color palettes and atmosphere. And when assembled all together in one exhibition hall, it can be hard to get a sense of time beyond the trade show.

We offer a bold idea: go for a seasonal, summertime booth design. A thematic change can hold a lot of power when it comes to attracting new crowds. Here are three tips that will take your trade show booth design to this new level.

1. Design with powerful images or vibrant colors.

Summer is all about bright colors and light. By applying these elements to your trade show booth, you'll immediately draw people in with your bright approach to design. A colorful banner stand, decorative background, or even small changes to your tablecloths can help your make your trade show booth design stand out. 

2. Capture the season in your booth.

It's easy to stick with the same,regular theme for all your trade shows, but making the booth about the current season can help you stay relevant to a visitor's interests. In addition, the seasonal theme might make your booth feel more welcoming and relaxed, which will help you draw in new customers who might be unfamiliar with your brand.

Summer-fun props can be a bold way to stand out and draw foot traffic into your booth. Maybe your booth features summer-themed smoothies, or utilizes fun props like beach chairs or beach balls. Depending on your brand and products, utilizing a season theme or set can make your booth design more relevant to potential customers who want to use your products or service through the summer.

3. Provide summertime flair.

As a rule of thumb, the best giveaways are items that people will use. Seasonal giveaways, such as sunglasses, frisbees, hats, or even beach balls and beach towels with your company's logo or name, can be a great and creative way to make an impression.

For contests, you can up the ante with designer sunglasses or waterproof smartphone or tablet cases. These prizes are sure to be put in use by the winner during his or her vacation, and you'll get some free exposure beyond the trade show as an added plus.

Overall, a summer theme can make your trade show booth design blow the competition out of the water. For help with designing your next booth, contact us.

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