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3 Reasons Why Stretch Fabric is Ideal for Trade Show Booths

A great way to successfully market and connect with potential investors and clients is routine attendance at trade shows. The trade show is an arena where investors, competitors, and interested purchasers convene, where innovation and entrepreneurial ideas flourish, and where physical marketing is a key aspect for success.

Trade shows offer great networking opportunities, as well as a chance to subdue competition. The best way to stand out at a trade show is by implementing an easy-to-use, authentic, and brand appropriate exhibit. While there are many options when it comes to trade show booth design, one of the most popular and user-friendly constructions is the stretch fabric trade show booth.

3 Reasons Why Stretch Fabric is Ideal for Trade Show Booths

1) Quick and Easy

Part of the trade show experience is spent at the booth itself during the trade show hours. Outside of those hours, savvy business networking engineers attend meetings with potential investors or clients. With that in mind, there’s no time to waste.

Stretch fabric trade show booths are assembled and broken down quickly. In fact, this type of trade show booth requires the least amount of manual labor and has been proven the fastest to prepare and remove.

2) Simplicity

Quick assembly of a stretch fabric trade show booth depends primarily on design. Many companies offer a range of design options that span from basic to intricate. Complicated design usually involves additional accouterments such as banner stands, pop-up counters, and display accessories.

While these additions can be great marketing tools, it's also important to implement a clean, direct, and simple design element. In keeping with simplicity, you avoid distracting and complicated branding and potentially save precious time in the assembly and break-down of your trade show booth.

3) Quality 

While quick and easy assembly, as well as simplicity of design, are excellent reasons to invest in a stretch fabric booth, one of the most advantageous reasons is the quality that fabric rendered exhibits hold up to.

Stretch fabric trade show booths are created from lightweight, tubular aluminum frames. Aluminum is corrosive resistant, extraordinarily lightweight, and meets various design needs depending on the quality and the make.

Standard fabric exhibits are made from a dye-sublimated, knit-polyester mixture. This particular concoction provides durability and strength, as well as the capability to create quality, long-lasting design enhancements such as single-sided or double-sided full color or imagery implementations. With these types of design options, simplicity is easy to obtain and streamline.

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