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Stretch Fabric Trade Show Booth Design

Trade show booths are getting more and more ornate as conventions become the meeting place for new customers. Even though the internet has allowed companies to reach more customers than ever before, actually closing deals usually requires face to face meetings or introductions. Conventions are the places where those meetings occur and the booths are the first impression a customer sees. In particular, they will be drawn by the stretch fabric on the display.

There are a number of different customized stretch fabric designs to choose from to attract new customers. One of the most popular is the Courbé Display System.  It is very easy to set up and its unique curved display is very attractive to anybody passing by.  It can be hanging overhead, stretched out on the wall or be free standing in the middle of the booth.

Detroit, Toledo, Fort Wayne, Ann Arbor and other towns in the region are well-known suppliers for automobiles and RVs. With such concentration, its tough to stand out from the crowd even if you have a great product. Attending the Detroit or Chicago auto show attracts all of the major potential customers. With a bright, unique, interesting, customized stretch fabric display, you can be assured to get the attention of the right people.  Once the conversation gets going, the quality of your product can help you seal the deal.

Motor City Exhibits is the leading trade show display and booth provider in the greater Detroit region including Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. The firm helps companies stand out and attract new customers and raise revenue.  For more information, please contact us.