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Incorporate Trade Show Posters in Your Exhibit Design: Michigan Experts Offer 3 Compelling Reasons

When planning for a successful exhibit design, Michigan trade show experts caution business owners to think outside the booth. While it is true that the right setup can make or break your new product introduction, it is just as true that getting visitors to the venue to notice you in the first place is a pressing need. Trade show posters, properly framed, can send you the foot traffic you are looking for. 

1. Double-sided Outdoor Display Stands Introduce Your Company

Before attendees even set foot inside the expo hall, a double-sided framed poster welcomes them. You are not beholden to the availability of exterior display space for hanging your poster. The display stand sets up anywhere, preferably in the path of foot traffic, and needs no hardware to hold the printed material in place. Consider the use of a foam-core aluminum sheet for durability. 

2. Capitalize on the Overhead Space with Hanging Poster Rails

When you are not sure that you want to opt for an overhead fabric structure, which is an excellent marketing tool, you might have another opportunity at reeling in the foot traffic with hanging poster rails. They come in a variety of widths ranging from 23.5 inches to 47 inches. Install signs right above your booth with your logo, company’s name, and perhaps some arrows to get folks talking about your display. 

3. Info Stands Bring Versatility to Your Display Area

The info stand comes with rollers, which make transportation across the venue floor a snap. When you are participating in the setup of moving product demonstrations, these stands can be a valuable asset. Frame a poster that explains your product, gives your business’ background or presents special expo offers. The product accommodates signs measuring 23.75 inches in width and 35.75 inches in height. Contact us today to learn more about the use of trade show posters in your exhibit design for Michigan venues.