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Tips in Trade Show Design From Detroit, Michigan's Automobili-D Show

If you haven't heard the news, the North American International Auto Show will launch a new exhibition in January 2017 called Automobili-D, here in Detroit, Michigan. The show will boast over 100 companies to represent automakers, tier one suppliers, and tech companies with related auto connections. The show wants to give an international look to what consumer mobility looks like today and how technology and innovation are transforming the auto industry and ecosystem.

You might be wondering, how can we provide tips on a trade show that hasn't happened yet? The key is in the messaging: the NAIAS show emphasizes three important components that should be integrated with your next trade show, whether it's the Automobili-D exhibition or not. These three key elements to Automobili-D's exciting show: interaction, tech innovation, and demonstration. These three tips will help you understand the key to successful trade show design in Detroit, Michigan.

Interaction: The first step to trade show interaction is in your booth's design. Your booth needs to be visually appealing to pull people in. From your posters to your overall booth design, you'll want something that can be flexible with your look and showcase your services.

Tech innovation: Automobili-D represents the emerging trend of technology's integration with any industry, including automobile and mobility. The same should be said to your trade show booth design: with visitors coming to you booth with their own tech tools, it can be advantageous to also showcase your innovativeness with tech integration.

Demonstration: On top of innovation and interaction, Automobili-D's trade show also suggests that you'll need dynamic approaches to your booth to make your static components (booth design or product display) shine. This means having well-trained staff working the crowd or providing activities. 

All these elements can be integrated at a smaller scale with your exhibit design, from thought-provoking displays to mobile gamification or demonstrations. To learn about how we can help you develop an interactive booth, contact us.