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Picking the Right Trade Show Booth Design: 4 Tips

Your trade show booth design could mean the difference between landing a whale at your next show or coming up empty. Here are four tips to consider when picking your next booth configuration.

Inline Booths Are Space Savers.

If you have limited floor space, an inline booth still gives you the opportunity to double up on your customer service at events. With an average minimum size of 10 feet by 10 feet, the inline structure is economical without losing reach.

Getting Away With a Peninsula.

You can get away with a large peninsula booth design if you get in ahead of the crowd. The second you get your floor plan, call your event planner to see if you can reserve the most advantageous floor space. First responders get better prices and more floor space.

Should I Choose an End Cap Design?

For most companies, a single theme is more than enough for a show. However, if you have multiple brands to sell, you might consider an end cap design. Keep in mind that this configuration gets expensive, and you should go over your strategy until it is perfect.

Stay Away From Pop-up Displays.

Although these displays are quite easy to move on a plane, the booth industry has moved away from them for a reason. You want a thick, professional look that only comes with modular exhibits or truss displays. 

Please contact us if you need help picking your next trade show booth design in and around the Detroit area. We pride ourselves on giving you the best design for your company and the show you will attend.