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3 Ways to Elevate Your Michigan Exhibit's Design and Presentation

Developing a trade show booth can be stressful, especially on a budget. But design is just one component to your booth: you have to make sure it's engaging as well. Here are 3 exhibit design and engagement tips for elevating your Michigan trade show booth.

1. Get the configuration right. 

If you're planning to create a custom booth for a specific upcoming trade show, it's important to plan ahead and see where your place is on the map of the trade show floor. Are you sandwiched in-between two other booths? Will you have a wall behind you? Are you on a corner? These details will help you determine the best configuration for your trade show display. You should also consider portable components like stand-alone counters, which are easy to move around in any trade show booth configuration.

2. Provide a dynamic schedule.

The most successful booths don't just prop up their well-designed signs, banners, and shelves and just hope for the best. A well-executed booth also brings in dynamic activity. How can your booth do the same? You can have a running schedule of special activities in your booth, such as a dynamic presentation or seminar, a workshop, or a contest for your booth's cool giveaways. Games, demonstrations, or even a cocktail hour or coffee bar will even draw crowds. 

3. Invite attendees.

New trade show exhibitors assume that they just have to attract the attending crowd to get valuable leads. In reality, some attendees already have a mission in mind: to see a booth that's already invited them through an email invitation. Therefore, you shouldn't rely on the trade show organizers marketing to advertise the event. Instead, get out your mailing list and start an email campaign months in advance, letting former, current, and prospective clients know that you'll be showcasing new products or discounting services if they visit you at your show. This way, you'll have a few devoted leads that are truly interested in your booth, not just your giveaways.

Overall, it is important to get creative when it comes to trade show booth design and presentation, but you don't have to go at it alone. We can help you design the best booth for your next trade show, and future shows to come. Contact us today to get started on a trade show booth consultation.