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What Detroit, Michigan B2B Leads Want to See In Trade Show Displays

Advertising your company in a Detroit, Michigan B2B trade show come with a special audience and demographics. How can you make sure you're getting in touch with local businesses from the get-go? Here are two tips for targeting Detroit, Michigan leads with your trade show displays.

Present your forward-thinking personality. 

When looking at a talented company to partner with, prospective leads want to work with a company that has a vision for the future. They want to see that you're up to the task of providing great service and resources that will sustain their business. This is especially true for Detroit businesses since many of them are concerned with growing their establishments with longevity in mind.

How can your company's booth showcase a forward-thinking mission? Using smart technology at your booth is one great way to demonstrate your commitment to new and advanced technologies and techniques. You should also integrate your vision on text panels in your display.

Showcase your commitment to Detroit.

Your booth's design and marketing could stand out in a sea of outsiders by showcasing your relationship and commitment to Detroit. For example, you might want to list current or past partnerships with other local Detroit-based businesses. Good local publicity would also include local events you've sponsored. To make a big, visible connection to your city, we also recommend a stretch fabric display featuring the city's skyline or favorite local landmark. Your leads will be drawn to a dynamic connection that also reflect their home.

Overall, attracting Detroit natives can be done with smart trade show booth display and design. We can help you achieve these goals. Simply contact us for a booth consultation today.