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Savvy Business Insiders Refurbish Trade Show Booth Design Components

Custom exhibits are the gold standard of any trade show booth design. To sweeten the deal, manufacturers use lightweight but sturdy materials that add longevity to the mix, which makes the expense of whole-booth setups or individual components a smart investment. 

Trade Show Booth Accidents Happen

But what happens when an aluminum post dents, a banner stand’s cassette suffers a spill, or a piece of stretch fabric goes beyond its limits? Most professionals might opt to replace or omit the product. For example, if a pinwheel fabric structure rips, they might seek to find another one or simply make do without. Business insiders know that refurbishing the component saves money and preserves the integrity of the display. 

Do You Run the Risk of Looking “Tired?”

Putting together a trade show booth design ensures that you use each square inch of allotted space to its fullest advantage. When you omit exhibits, you neglect advertising space. In some cases, doing so leads to a loss of “wow” factor. Do-it-yourself fixes with the ubiquitous duct tape look unprofessional. Just trying to make do gives your booth a tired, worn out look. 

Refurbishing Rescues Damaged Booth Components

When shipping and unpacking, putting together and dismantling, moving and storing bring wear and tear to your setup, a professional refurbishing treatment freshens the look, undoes the damage and sets you up for success with a product that looks like new. Maintain your professional image, and save money in the process, by contacting us today to discuss our refurbishing service.