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How To Capture Young Trade Show Audiences With Michigan Exhibit Design

The most important design consideration for your Michigan exhibit design is to think about your audience. Who are you trying to attract? One group that we notice businesses struggle to attract at trade shows are millennials. Given their age range, concerns, and interests, a traditional trade show booth might not draw in their interest. If your target audience includes millennials, here are a few ways you can make sure they become a part of your foot traffic.

1. Set the tone for millennial engagement.

Trade shows can be a hard place to attract millennials, depending on the industry. But no matter what you're offering, there are ways to set the tone for your booth to encourage visits from younger consumers or business professionals. For example, you can encourage a business casual look among your staff, which can remove a pretentious atmosphere. Also, limit your brochures or print material and instead switch to digital documents and visual presentations, which are more attractive to a younger audience.

2. Get creative with the design.

Again, young audiences aren't attracted by many booths because they look too professional and, therefore, unwelcoming. If you want to target more millennials, go for a more casual approach to your design. Use large graphics and bold colors to make a visual impact, with creative fonts for headings or titles. As for your booth's interior design, a more cafe-like setting with lounging chairs or couches can help young audiences feel welcome and relaxed. Your staff can start casual conversations with visitors, which can lead to useful leads.

3. Integrate technology.

One of the most important tools you can use to attract millennials engagement is technology. Millennials utilize mobile devices at greater rates than other demographics, so it's important to connect without through their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. At trade shows, you can draw millennials in with gamification on either provided tablet stands or access on personal devices, provide charging stations, or provide your own wi-fi hotspot. You might also want to consider beacon technology for fun offers, which will encourage visits and mobile use at your booth. 

Overall, we can help you develop a great booth made for millennial audiences. To create a great booth design that will attract your target demographic, contact us.