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How To Brainstorm Creative Trade Show Booth Designs

Coming up with a creative trade show booth design can be difficult, especially if you're starting from scratch. Even if you work with professional that will design and build your booth, it can be helpful to come to the drawing board with your own ideas to guide the designers. If you're having trouble thinking about what you need in a trade show booth, look no further. Here are a few ways to get those creative juices flowing.

1. Revisit old booths. 

Old booths that you've used in the past can inspire new ideas about your next booth. When studying an old booth design, ask yourself: What worked about this booth? What did I like? What components didn't work? Listing the pros and cons to the booth can help you compile a targeted list of wants for your next design.

2. Borrow from the competition.

Learning from your competitors is a great way to see what works for them, especially if they seem to generate more leads at the same trade shows you attend. Visit their booths (or study photographs of their booths) and try to understand the structure of their design. Maybe they provide more room for one-to-one meetings. Or maybe their displays use fewer graphics and more stand-out words or headings. While we don't recommend copying other booths and their designs, analyzing other booths can help you come up with your own ideas.

3. Get inspired from a storefront.

Storefront displays attempt to do the same things you want to do: entice visitors and sell a product or service. Visiting stores can give you a great idea on how to display products, how to create a cohesive color scheme, or how to organize and provide room for a booth. 

By coming up with your own ideas about your booth's design, you can create the booth that you want. At Motor City Exhibits, we love working with people who want to see their ideas in action. Our goal is to bring your ideas to life. Contact us to get started on your trade show booth today.