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3 Tech Elements to Integrate Into Your Trade Show Booth Design

Integrating smart technology in trade show booth design is not a new idea. From TV monitors to iPad stations, more and more trade show promoters are making smart technology a standard rather than an exception. But which tech elements should you integrate without overspending on your trade show budget? Here are 3 tech elements that can encourage new leads.

1. Smartphone charging stations

Charging stations for smartphones and tablets are a great way to get people to your booth. They are also relatively cheap for booths with a small budget. To drive more traffic, make sure that your charging station is advertised on your social media and with recognizable signage. 

2. Display monitors

Though large monitors are a big budget consideration, they can serve as multi-purpose tools. For example, a monitor display can rotate information of top products for visitors to see. It can also become a presentation tool during a special demonstration. An interactive monitor can feature game for visitors to play. Overall, there's a lot of marketing potential for your display monitors, making them worth the extra cost.

3. WiFi hot spots

Many trade shows are providing WiFi for vendors and visitors, but often, these WiFi networks get bogged down by users. Instead of relying on the free WiFi from the organizers, consider adding your own hot spot. This can help attract and retain visitors to your booth. A WiFi network will also allow you to manage your order management programs without worrying about loss of connection. By investing in a secure, reliable WiFi access point, you'll keep your business running during the event and encourage leads.

Overall, tech integration can play a valuable role in your overall booth design. If you need help creating a great display, with or without technical equipment, contact us. We can help you find the best trade show design solutions for your booth.