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The Advantages to Stretch Fabric Trade Show Booth

Entering the trade show circuit can be intimidating, especially for a new business. Not only is it stressful to plan for a trade show event, but it can also be difficult to choose a display suitable for your business and its goals.

For new businesses, we recommend a stretch fabric trade show booth. These displays are not only affordable, but they have many qualities that make them the best solution for a business that's new to trade shows. Here's why a fabric display might be right for your business.

They are portable and easy to assemble.

One of the biggest advantages to a stretch fabric display is its portability. Usually, a stretch fabric display system involves just one panel of fabric stretched across a lightweight, aluminum frame. No tools are needed to set up the display, and it's easy to collapse or build in a short time frame. Many of these displays can also fit in a small truck, SUV, or van, saving you transportation or rental costs for a bigger vehicle. 

They are durable.

Not only are the frames strong enough to withstand transportation and heavy use, but the fabric does not wear down as easily as paper displays. Stretch fabric can take a lot of wear and tear before the quality of the material degrades. The fabric is also easy to spot clean and maintains its color quality over time. Overall, it's a great solution for a business that expects to get a lot of use out of their display.

They are cost-effective, especially for a small business.

Since they are easy to maintain and last for a long time, a fabric display can be a quality investment for a newbie exhibitor. And if you decide to upgrade in size, you can easily keep the display as a graphic element in a bigger booth. Overall, it's a great beginner investment that won't make a big impact on your budget.

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