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How To Make Your Trade Show Displays Memorable

Standing out from the crowd is an important element to successful trade show displays in Detroit, Michigan, but planning a successful booth can be stressful. When you know your booth makes the first--and maybe only-- impression, how can you make sure that your booth attracts as many potential customers as possible? Here are a few essential tips that will make your booth unforgettable during and after the trade show. 

1. Invest in the booth. You need a great trade show booth to even be put on the radar for visitors. If you're hoping to just set up a table with a poster on the side, you're less likely to draw attention. Instead, work with professional trade show booth designers that can give you a bold display that's reusable and adjustable for any trade show. You'll see huge returns if you start off with a carefully-designed display.

2. Be interactive. Booths should not be seen as a passive display, but rather serve to direct people inside the booth where the real activity occurs. You will need an event or activity happening in your booth in order to display your brand as a dynamic and engaging company. It could be a contest, a hands-on presentation of your product, or even a game. If it can tie into your overall theme, go for it. As your activity builds a crowd, more and more people will show interest and pay a visit.

3. Provide memorable swag. Go beyond the pens and USB keys and instead give away trendy swag. For example, people love an extra charging cable for their smart phones, and printing your brand on these goodies will help that visitor recognize your company every time he or she charges their phone. Stick with products that can be used beyond the conference (such as water bottles or a coffee thermos) and you'll not only have happy visitors, but a passive marketing strategy implemented beyond the show.

Overall, a memorable trade show display relies not just on design, but on content. To learn more about blending the two together perfectly to meet your trade show goals, contact us.