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Trade Show Booth Design: An Investment, Not an Expense

As you prepare for your next trade show event in and around Detroit, Michigan, you'll find a growing list of items on your budget. From having print collateral and giveaways to your trade show design and signage, you might begin to see your booth as an expense rather than an investment.

However, there truly is a difference between understanding your trade show booth as an investment rather than an expense. An investment demonstrates a value that continues to give and grow over time. An expense, however, has a one-time or small impact in comparison. And the design is more impactful than many components to your trade show budget. For example, Apple's popularity with people and its growth stems from its design-driven products that exemplified simplicity and minimalist looks. People's recognition of the products due to their design is what builds a captivated audience.

The same idea--focusing on design as an investment--should force you to put your booth's design at the top of your priorities, not just your giveaways. Design is a practical and functional tool that will help draw people to your services and products and allows viewers to recognize your booth. 

So what makes a great trade show design? First, invest in cohesive elements. Pay attention to how your booth complements your logos and signage: from the color of the carpet to the dominant colors of the backdrop, you need to make sure that your booth is visually appealing with all its elements. In addition, aim for quality digital prints of large format photos and other graphic designs, the styles of the furniture, and more.

We can help you invest in your trade show booth: just contact us for our exhibit design or graphic design services. We'll work with you to make sure your trade show booth is an ongoing investment, not simply an expense.