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The Trade Show Booth Design Elements You Need For A Small Booth in Detroit

When it comes to trade show booth design in Detroit, Michigan, quality is better than quantity. If your next trade show involves a smaller booth or area, don't feel intimidated by bigger booths. Instead, you can use your size to your advantage. Here are a few elements to incorporate that will make your small booth stand out against a large crowd.

1. Aim for quality. Large structures draw attention, but if the structure looks cluttered or busy, it becomes less appealing with each glance. A small booth with quality design will attract more visitors than a large booth with no cohesion. It is more important to use quality materials and professional, clean graphics and images. One mistake that booths of all sizes make is using images that look outdated, pixellated from being blown up, or just ugly and plain. Instead, you should put your money in showcasing quality.

2. Use your size to your advantage. Many booth organizers want to maximize their small space by overloading it with collateral, images, displays, and more. This makes a booth feel claustrophobic and turns prospective visitors away. Instead, focus on brevity, clarity, and minimalism. For example, your display should use short text boxes instead of long paragraphs. You should also apply color tastefully to reduce over-stimulation.

3. Make personal interaction your goal. Booth design is not the only important element to a great trade show. You also need properly trained staff to engage with visitors and clients. Your staff are great assets to your booth and are equipped with more knowledge than what your signage or brochures provide. In contrast to larger booths, where staff might be harder to find and materials aren't helpful, people will more likely want to seek engagement with a booth that can provide undivided attention. 

Getting people to your booth, even when it's small, isn't an impossible feat. Instead, contact us so we can provide you with a great design for your next booth. We can help you draw the attention you deserve, even among giants.