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Learning From Detroit, Michigan's Auto Show: What To Incorporate In Your Trade Show Displays

Detroit, Michigan, is the home of the U.S.'s largest auto show, and with it comes some of the best displays of cars and booths. It's a great show to see what are growing trends and practices that businesses are utilizing at their displays to make sure they reach customers, reporters, clients, and public viewers. Here are some things we saw at the auto show that you should take away and implement in your next trade show display.

1. Size for population: At this big auto show, there's a lot of foot traffic. The most successful booths allowed for people to come in and out and see cars and products from various angles.

Your booth should also be mindful of its size and how it displays its products. Allow for a greater number of people in your booth by using wider hallways, and put islands strategically so people don't bump into each other.

2. Interactive screens and displays: Another popular feature present at the auto show was the numerous interactive displays that allowed visitors to see the builds of particular cars, change appearances, view in-depth options, and more.

For your trade show, we suggest adding an interactive display that might map out your services based on particular scenarios, displaying a full catalog, or featuring an app that allows clients and customers to order custom products or services.

3. Lighting: How can you make one car outshine the other? Lighting systems that help highlight special features can really make a stand or booth stand out.

For your booth, incorporate lights with class by utilizing them minimally. Use the lights to highlight special services or sales. You can also build lights into your booth's structure to make it stand out among others.

Taking these tips for the National Auto Show will help you boost your booth's traffic at the next show. If you want to build a better booth and take it to the next level, contact us.