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Michigan Exhibit Design Tips: Think of the Booth Like a Website

When it comes to successful exhibit designs for Michigan-based trade shows, you should think about your design like you do for the landing page of a website. Why a website? As the first thing a customer or client sees, a website is designed with clarity, brevity, and eye-catching elements. Here's what it takes to make sure your exhibit catches attention, like a website should.

Your Trade Show Exhibit Is A Landing Page

Like a website, you want to design your displays with simple, clear headings and content. When people see your display, they want to know what your booth represents. Make sure your logos, name, and headings are easy to see from various angles and heights, and are not obscured from parts of the display. And, get your eye-drawing elements--signs, logos, and whatnot--at the top and center of the booth. Like a website, people look at what's presented at the "top-fold," especially from a distance. The bottom of the page--and bottom of the booth--is obscured until they arrive.

 A little bit of flair, lighting, and a coordinated color palette can also go a long way in drawing attention, especially if you are on a budget. Too much flashiness without a clear display can actually make visitors turn away from the chaotic design. Aim for continuity, just like a well-designed website. 

Don't forget the content.

Think of your booth as your blog: it should provide valuable content and answer questions for your audience. Have your display feature content  that educates and engages visitors to your display, like a free white paper or a in-depth demo of your product. By providing excellent content, your booth will stand out as the expert in the field of many presenters. And don't forget that your staff is valuable content, moving through the booth--make sure that the booth is easy for them to use and utilize when they are on-site.

If you want more successful trade show design tips, contact us. We can help you with designing your next booth, or give you our options that make a great display.