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3 Must-Haves For Detroit, Michigan Show Displays

When it comes to trade show displays in Detroit, Michigan, there are components that are needed for a successful display, no matter the ultimate location. Without these components, your trade show display not garner the attention it deserves. Here are our three top needs for a brilliant trade show display design.

1 Visually appealing and readable signs. The first thing you need for your trade show display is a way to showcase your name and logo. This is how visitors will recognize your booth, especially in crowded rooms and from a distance. Make sure that your signage can be incorporated into the booth, and that they are placed at or above eye-level, making it easy for people to see and read. In addition, make sure the font size is appropriate, especially when the sign is meant to be read from a distance.

2. Display shelves and storage. This is especially a must-have for booths that expect to sell items on-hand. For one, it's more professional to have proper storage and display shelves in your booth in order to present your products in the best light. In contrast, drab cardboard boxes out in the open as storage gives your booth a cheap feel. By dressing up the presentation of your products, people will also be more inclined to by them. 

3. Enough floor room for all your staff. One of the most important components to an exhibit booth is the size and shape to accommodate not only visitors, but your staff as well. Checking out modular kits with add-on accessories is a great way to maintain a display that will grow with you as you go to larger conferences, or adjust your size in smaller venues.

If you need help designing your trade show booth, contact us. Not only can we give you full services for exhibit designs, but we can also provide custom exhibits from our portfolio.