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Create a Visual Impact with Trade Show Displays in Detroit Michigan

Advertising your business products at a trade show can take time and creativity.  Creating a custom-made display that will impress potential customers is costly.  A simple set-up with tables, chairs, and a stenciled banner is not an eye-catching presentation.  If you are planning to set up trade show displays in Detroit Michigan, consider a modular design that will visually impress show attendees and take the hassle out of designing and assembling an exhibit.

Custom-made modular booths and displays can attract attention from potential buyers and make them more likely to visit your counter and browse products.  ExpoProfile Booths may look elaborate, but they are lightweight and versatile, making them easy to change configuration based on company needs and space allotted to set up exhibits.  All Edge Modular Display Systems are quick and easy to assemble without using tools and can assimilate different components based on needs for a particular show.

Modular designs have come a long way.  In today's prefabricated display world, the vibrant-colored models are durable, easy to assemble, easy to transport, cost-efficient, and have a positive impact on the environment.  Post-consumer recycled materials are used in constructing our booths and displays. 

Our designs can take the shape of many forms.  We offer profile booths, booths in a box, custom displays, banner stands, pop up booths and much more.  Whether you are getting your business off the ground or have been in business for years, contact us to assist you with a perfect custom display to advertise your products at the next trade show.