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Expo Profile KITZ Are The Latest Exhibit Design Solution In Michigan

When working a trade show, or setting up a booth space at an exhibit hall, the concerns in mind are usually, transport of materials and assemblage. An exciting and notable product that has made a splash in the exhibit design field that directly addresses these concerns are Expo Profile KITZ

Brought to you by industry leader ExpoSystems, these KITZ are essentially an exhibit show piece in a box. Easy to assemble and to take apart, these systems travel with ease once deinstalled and packed, and are ready for their next showing at your disposal. The packed 'box' concept also attends to storage concerns, and keeps the elements of the display in a secure hold to avoid damage throughout the lifetime of your display. 

Best of all, they are very customizable. Our team or design experts will help in choosing the colors and textures that will help your marketing display stand out among other competitors. Want wood-paneled flooring? It can be done. Need full-color banners, modern chairs, end tables and shelving? Presto! Even the complex electrical needs for display screens and tech gadgets are doable and accounted for, within the design concept of our desires. All within a very reasonable turn around time. These KITZ are available in 10 ft. x 10 ft. displays, or 10 ft. x 20 ft. (Packaged KITZ will be smaller and compact; final sizes subject to design creations). We should also mention the Expo Profile KITZ carry with them a lifetime warranty. 

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