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Get a Show-Stopping Exhibit with Trade Show Services in Detroit, Michigan

When you decided to reserve a booth at your first trade show, you had no idea how much work it was going to be. To begin with, the paperwork made you feel like you were buying a house and the handbook wasn't exactly an easy read.  

Then there was the actual day or days of the show. Packing, unpacking, setting up, selling, packing up again, unloading again, and then somehow, much to your annoyance, nothing fits back they way you originally had it stored! You are exhausted and need to figure out a way to do this more efficiently. You want to make money; and you would prefer to do it the smarter and not harder way.

 The solution is to take advantage of trade show services that will take out all the confusion, labor and frustration of being an exhibitor. Here is what you need: 

Peace of mind  

If you are not sure about some of the details in the paperwork and handbook, give yourself a little peace of mind by hiring an expert to provide an in-depth review.  

Installation, transportation, and storage  

Having a professional to transport, install and dismantle your booth frees up your time so that you can network before and after the show. Additionally, you won't have to deal with the frustration of rearranging any unsold goods in storage anymore.  

Steal the thunder at the show  

Take your exhibit to the next level with branded graphic designs and a showroom look by adding accessories such as furniture and carpet. You can also enhance the ambiance even further with audio and visual aids. With an eye-catching booth and an inviting place to rest, customers are sure to linger.   

Other important details  

Rest assured knowing that someone else is taking care of the often forgotten details such as cleaning, electricity, and wifi.


Boost your profits with professionally trained assistants who attend your show and help you obtain even more leads.  


Having a successful exhibit involves a multitude of details that are time and labor intensive. Trade show services solve that problem. 

Motor City Exhibits offers all of these trade show services and more. Operating in the Detroit area as well as Toledo, Ohio; Lansing, Michigan; Fort Wayne, Indiana; and Ann Arbor, Michigan; Motor City Exhibits takes care of all the little details so you don't have to. 

Are you ready to make your next trade show a show-stopper? 

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