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The Benefits of Modular: Trade Show Displays in Detroit, Michigan

Everyone has walked through an exhibition and seen the stunning range of trade booth displays. Some are over-the-top and make you wonder how long they took to set up, while others are the underwhelming classic table-and-chairs design. Either way, they display is sure to make an impression on each attendee, be it good or bad. If you are looking to make a positive impression with your trade show displays in Detroit, Michigan, consider purchasing a display with a modular design -- the benefits are unparalleled.

Easy Transport

As compared to single-piece and collapsible trade show displays, those of a modular design are of a sublime convenience. Each module is made up of a number of smaller pieces that can be packed for shipping, or into a vehicle. A modular design means no more renting a U-Haul to carry oversized pieces, and no more struggling to get the display through convention center doors.

Easy Set-up and Breakdown

Modular displays are meant to be put up and taken down quickly. Since they are of a modular design, they use standardized connections between pieces, allowing for easy instructions and a quick fit. If your current trade show displays have proven a hassle, you should consider investing in the ease-of-use provided by such a system.

Cost Benefit

We also recommend modular systems because they save companies money, and do not demand as substantial an investment to start with. Smaller companies can choose only the pieces they need, but do not have to buy a whole new display as they grow. Best of all, once a company has accumulated a number of modules, they can decide what pieces are the best fit for each particular trade show. 

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