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Attention-Grabbing Trade Show Design in Detroit Michigan

To get noticed at most trade shows, you have to learn how to grab attention and hold on. With the miles of booths surrounding you and competing with you, your booth design must be expertly crafted to present your brand and your message to the widest possible audience. With only seconds, as trade show attendees walk by your booth, you need expert design and display to get attention and hold it. That's why you need trade show design in Detroit, Michigan.

We have the expertise to turn your wish-list into reality. Do you want sampling stations, where people can taste or experience your product? Do you need fitting rooms or seating areas? Would you like a demonstration stage or a digital media presentation? 

We can help you plan for eventualities you may not have considered. Where is your booth located in the arena? A different design is needed for an end booth (walkways on two or three sides) or a central booth (walkway on one side). Have you thought about storage? You'll need it for swag, product literature, samples, sales forms. What are your electrical requirements? What size is the booth space and what are the height limitations of the arena?

Motor City Exhibits is a one-stop shop for custom booth designs and portable trade show displays. We have a full line of lightweight, portable display units as well as a full line of kiosks, displays, modular kits, counters and banner stands. We can help you design your booth to showcase your product branding and messaging, while planning for all of the function you need for a successful show. We can even transport your booth to the show and install and dismantle it after the show.

Just starting and your branding needs more pizzazz? We have graphic artists who can take your branding to the next level, incorporating fresh ideas into banners and displays.

We have the expertise, resources, and flexibility to give your trade show presence that "wow-factor." When you're ready for some attention, contact us for all of your trade show needs.