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Giving Your Pop-Up Display the Pop It Needs

The beauty of pop-up displays is that they are the ultimate portable way to advertise our brand and services in a portable manner. They're great for trade shows and information fairs alike, but if your target audience continually passes up your display to head to a competitors, you need to make critical changes.

While pop-ups have lower price points that modular or permanent displays, you shouldn't discount their importance. Similar to a trade show booth, pop-up displays need to include eye-catching elements that will make people want to stop and talk to you. If you don't include something attractive in your pop-up, it won't matter how thorough your information is.

Although design is a huge factor in all types of displays, it's a bigger factor in the pop-up variety. You have less room in which to make your point, so you have to make the most of the space that you do have. Therefore, graphics, whether made from cloth, vinyl or through traditional photographic processes, are of utmost importance. Partnering with an experienced design team, such as the one as the one at Motor City Exhibits, will help give your pop-up display the elements it needs to draw customers visually to your set-up.

Key to making your pop-up display pop is determining the visual needs of your audience. A straight corporate display will be much different from one aimed a college audience. Work with your designer to make sure that your colors and graphics will speak to your audience and not turn them off.

In addition, make sure that your photography and other visual images speak to what your audience wants. Without those elements to attract your target, the best information in the world will simply go by the wayside.

For more information on how you can make your pop-up displays stand out contact us at Motor City Exhibits for advice on how to make outstanding pop-up displays.